Tiny humans

Marina Zhukova

If only the streets were able to imagine, they, struck by their own emptiness, would imagine people. The routine life, interrupted by the pandemic, makes them feel bored, and the landscapes go savage.The ideal hero of their dreams is a rebelling man, a person who seizes the memory, a sort of bright spot against the background of a lifeless cityscape.

In the Tiny humans project, these dreams of the streets are embodied in the form of little people made of paper. Three main characters – Manneken-Pis, Girl with a Ball and Sad Protester rebel against different things: the rules of behavior in public places, a serious attitude to life, political system. The heroes, placed in an empty urban space, help the streets cope with amnesia, similar to the one that took over the inhabitants of Macondo during the insomnia epidemic, when the names of things began to erase from memory.

The streets must remember their people. That is why a rebellious human comes to their rescue.

June 2020
Pokrov, RU

Photography in Light of the Pandemic