Fear of death disturbs me

Daria Garnik

The pandemic has transcended the limits of humanity. Death, with its nearness and inevitability, typically excluded from daily life, revealed itself in ordinary things. After death, the living matter is subject to destruction, it decomposes into a state of dust. The process can be slowed down artificially by isolating and preserving the object.

Fixed with the help of retaining structures, still lifes made of the organisms, forms and materials extracted  from living and inanimate nature, compensate for the lack of vitality in a new isolation, where the conditions are limited by the room space and the way of life inside it.

Fragments of the world that once existed in the natural environment, souvenirs of freedom, packed in the framework of a frozen life and placed for long-term storage in a drawer, act as intermediary agents between the living and the dead, the past and the future. In the gap between the states before- and after- pandemic the world saw itself in a routine of anxious anticipation of the inevitable.

July 2020
Minsk, BY

Photography in Light of the Pandemic