Blind camera

Ivan Gorbachev

The space I am in is limited by corners. The intersection point of the planes becomes a marker of the territory I am to claim. But the darkness in the corner evokes an anxious feeling – it is not only a shield, but also a limitation. Light has the capability to overcome the space of the corner.

Penetrating from different sources, light invades my privacy zone. It reacts with my room space, burning a trace on the surrounding objects. Darkness and light are beginning to take on spatial meanings. Small and infinite spaces enter the conflict, re-structuring the place where I am.

The monitor screen allows me to cross the limit, to break through the restricted field of my influence. With the help of security cameras, I travel around my hometown, watching people. The silhouettes they produce on the monitor screen indicates the reality of the moment I experience. Who are they? The inability to see their faces creates a certain gap for interpretation, assuming the substitution. The missing visual unit makes the camera turn to me, destroying the initial hierarchy. I refer to the video game files to represent their faces. Woven from lots of various images, the textures of video game characters are able to compensate for the missing structure, thus creating new connections.

May 2020
Vladivostok, RU

Photography in Light of the Pandemic