The Last Days on the Earth

Ekaterina Tikhomirova

In the new world of 2020, screens have become the only window to what is happening for most people. In a matter of weeks, a new virus has taken over territories and countries. Information about it filled all the news tabloids. The world is facing an infodemic.

A world that, like a global theater, plays stage by stage, where users are both spectators and actors. Attracted by the information flow we plunge into other spatio-temporal dimensions; through  the media gaze we puzzle an idea of ​​the world, adding fragments of events to form a view of the world. Social networks and mass media project stories on the fabric of life, construct reality, penetrating into living breathing structures. Neither living nor dead, like viral particles, images in their multiplicity and infinity replicate, recombine and circulate in the digital media space, leaving reality out of focus, continuously transforming its image.  Photography does not lie, it states: “The condition is critical.The indicators are unfavorable”. The weak body of reality is reliably hidden by the shroud of media.

June 2020
St. Petersburg, RU

Photography in Light of the Pandemic