Sergey Nazarov

During the progressing epidemic, the governments of most states close their borders and  develop new ways of monitoring and controlling the movement of people, most of whom are ordered not to leave their homes.

Being in isolation, I hear some sounds – conversations, laughter, the noise of cars on the street, the sound of steps from the stairs outside my door, the ringing of keys, the turnlocks of the doors. During several days of observing the life of my staircase, which had seemed like an insignificant place before, I watched how many people climbed down, how many went up, how many of them did touch the railing, what they said, how the illumination of the flights of stairs changed and at what time their movement was most intense.

The peephole, once created to ensure internal security, thus becomes an outward tool for monitoring and control.

April 2020
Saint-Petersburg, RU

Photography in Light of the Pandemic