A Shaky Position

Olga Kuzmenkova

The world that we thought we knew is non-existent. Nothing is true; everything is subject to revision. Anything can be revised, reconsidered, canceled.

Everything we know is about to collapse. Everything that seemed to be super strong is about to crash and turn into dust.

A world without borders is a lie, freedom of movement is a lie, a sustainable economy is a lie, a rule of law is a lie. The world is now exposed in its vulnerability. It turned out there was a Colossus with feet of clay hiding all along underneath the colorful wrapper of the capitalist achievements, the principles of a market economy and human rights.

To construct a tower of spaghetti and marshmallows is to create a stable structure from something that is doomed to fail. The challenge is known as a team building practice allowing strangers to get to know each other and to organise their work. The team that managed to build the highest and most stable tower wins the competition. It is known that students of business schools build some of the most unstable towers, and that children in kindergartens outdo most adults.

The ‘spaghetti marshmallow challenge’ is documented on a film. The film is developed and scanned manually in self-isolation — in a situation where everyone can rely only on themselves.

April 2020
London, UK

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Photography in Light of the Pandemic