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Vasily Pindyurin

We are enchanted. We drift in time like a spaceship that has gone off-course. It’s good that we still have gravity, otherwise we, unprepared, would have completely lost reference points. This is surprising and frightening, we are still connected to the continent, but we are so far from its surface. On the sixth floor. We follow all the news, we look and wonder – the future that we watched in science fiction movies has come.

We are startled. Time has accelerated, days are becoming too much alike. Either fear, or something else has gripped us, we cannot tear ourselves away from the screens. We are closely watching, we need to keep up, we need to be aware of everything that is happening. There are rumors that they will save us. There must already be some means, but so far they all sound like nonsense or a fantasy.

We are infected. Tired and bound we wander from wall to wall, we wait. I take pictures of myself and my family, take quick shots, take slow staged shots, gather still lifes, sort them out, photograph. I make photos black and white, return the color. I try different lighting – daylight, artificial light, light with and without color filters. I do everything to materialize the saving scenario – to bring the order back and find coordinates in all this madness.

April 2020
Saint-Petersburg, RU

Photography in Light of the Pandemic