Mannequin syndrome

Kristina Grishina

Before me lies a body. This body is a metaphor for pain and suffering. I look into these empty plastic eyes and involuntarily attribute to their owner a certain mind, but not free will. Passive and indifferent, it is created for ceaseless medical manipulations. An open mouth screams mutely for help. If hell existed, perhaps it would look like this – the transmigration of the soul into the body of a medical mannequin.

Life from birth to death is subordinate to politics. Bodies are subordinate to supervision, training and exploitation. Health care industry has exclusive access to the body. A disease is no longer each one’s  private matter, but economic expenses and production losses. Productive, obedient, maximally reproductive and solvent bodies with optimal life expectancy are the value and the resource of a brave new world.

December 2019
Ryazan, RU

Photography in Light of the Pandemic